2018 Breakout Sessions

CBFSC 2018 General Assembly Breakout Sessions


11:00 AM

I. The Future of CBFSC Missions and Ministries – Jay Kieve and Blake Hart

II. Energizing for the Future – Increasing Your Congregation’s Readiness For Mission Congruent Change – Mark Tidsworth

Plenty of congregations want to adapt to their current context, yet they struggle to be ready for healthy adaptive change. This workshop will describe the need for change readiness, a process for increasing change readiness, and tools to use in the process.

3:00 PM

I. Lectionary Studies 1 for Advent 2018 – Thomas Slater and Eric Mathis

Future worship planning for Advent using lectionary subjects and tools

II. Protecting the Future – Child Protection Policy Information and Review – Sarah Goode of Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands

Information and review of policies and protocols

III. Transforming the Future – Asset-based Community Ministry – Kelly Strum, Koinonia of Columbia

4:15 PM

I. Lectionary Studies 2 for Advent 2018 – continuation of 3:00 pm breakout session with Thomas Slater and eric Mathis

II. Building the Future – Maximizing Use of and Repurposing Facilities – Davis Byrd

Panel of what has been done in making the most out of church spaces

III. Engaging the Future – Preparing Your Church to Minister to Next Generations – David Brown