About CBF

A surprising sort of Baptists

Did you know there are Baptists who

have women ministers and female deacons?

take the Bible seriously but not literally?

support missions work that seeks to alleviate poverty and injustice in South Carolina and around the world?

You have found these Baptists in the
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina.

Jennifer Rygg, pastor of First Baptist Church in Pendleton.

We are a network of baptist churches and individuals who…


collaborate for missions across our state and around the world


help churches and clergy make vocational connections


join together for spiritually enriching events and programs

Vision Statement

We are growing as a community of grace on

a shared spiritual journey that connects

people to Christ and one another.

We value authenticity, humility, and forgiveness in our relationships with one another. Diversity is a strength to be celebrated and nurtured through grace-filled and open relationships with one another. We want our Fellowship to embody the grace and forgiveness offered by Christ.

Faithfulness to the Great Commission and Great Commandments of Jesus is a continuing process of discovery rather than a point of destination. Strengthening of our relationships with one another is essential to our deepening in relationship with Christ.

Mission Statement

We are women and men participating in God’s mission together. We nurture spiritual development, encourage congregations to thrive, and value collaborative and innovative ministry and missions.

Women and Men Participating Together

We believe that in Christ’s family there can be no division. Our Baptist tradition is rooted in a deep respect of God’s freedom to call, equip, and use women and men equally. Our movement intentionally invites the full participation of all persons.

Nurture Spiritual Development

We seek to be a movement of spiritual depth rooted and growing in an environment of an educational and experiential following of Jesus. We recognize and honor God’s presence in both the routine and exceptional aspects of our life together.

Encourage Congregations to Thrive

Thriving congregations are defined by their faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ and exist with a variety of sizes, budgets, and buildings. We help congregations value their own identity and giftedness within God’s kingdom. We assist congregations on their journey toward health and inspire them with a passion for the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Value Collaborative and Innovative Ministry and Missions

We value cooperation and partnerships rooted in humility and shared values. They build our relationships with one another and enable us to more effectively engage in ministry and missions. We respect the meaningful aspects of our traditions and Baptist heritage and we value exploration and innovation that enable us to communicate the Gospel in ways that are powerful and meaningful in our contemporary context.