Order and download free promotional resources at www.cbf.net/ogm now.

In addition to print resources, you’ll find a suite of digital resources to promote the Offering in online worship services, including videos, PowerPoint slides, Bible study curricula, worship, and email resources.

You can order printed Prayers of the People, bulletin inserts, Leader’s Guides and flash drives or DVDs with this year’s videos.

A poster with a graphic to mark your church’s progress toward the set goal is also available.

Nell Green

Nell can help

Nell Green, CBF personnel living in Rock Hill,  is the Advocate for the Offering for Global Missions. As you promote the Offering in your congregation, Nell is available to assist with resources, speakers or other needs you may have related to the Offering. If you are in need of any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to her at bgreen@cbf.net.

There is a place at the table for everyone

The long-term presence of CBF field personnel ministering in 18 countries around the world has never been more important as they invite those in their communities to join them at the table. Your church’s support of Global Missions is vital in sharing the Good News in word and deed with the people most marginalized by the world.

Because presence matters, there is a place at the table for everyone.

At the table, CBF field personnel cultivate community, bear witness to Jesus Christ and seek transformational development among people and places otherwise forgotten and forsaken. CBF field personnel serve alongside congregations like yours within three primary contexts: global poverty, global migration and the global church.

You and your church are invited to the table.

At the table with CBF field personnel, you can help people who are hurting through your church’s gifts to the Offering for Global Missions. Your presence and your gifts ensure that field personnel stay firmly rooted in places where God has called them. Because presence matters, all are invited. There is a place at the table for everyone.

Set a date and goal for your Offering.

It’s important to set your date and plan for the Offering as early as possible. You might want to consider setting your dates to coincide with the next Week oof Prayer for the Offering for Global Missions March 12-17, 2023.

Determine HOW you’ll receive the Offering.

Since the development of hybrid worship (virtual and in-person), you may need to continue to develop new ways of taking the Offering either online or taking advantage of in-person or “drive-by” gatherings when people can drop off their gifts. Decide how you might use Offering for Global Missions envelopes in a hybrid environment. You will also want to plan how you will engage children and youth in the Offering for Global Missions.

Recruit a team to help plan and promote the Offering.

Find people passionate about missions to share during worship; send emails featuring missions stories; lead virtual Bible studies on this year’s theme for children and adults; manage social media; and share the gifts of these folks in other ways to support missions giving. Supply your team with sources for planning such as the Mission Leaders Network updates containing mission stories and resources.

Invite CBF field personnel to be a part of worship.

This is a perfect time to include CBF field personnel as part of virtual or in-person worship. You can schedule field personnel to speak by contacting Ellen Sechrest at esechrest@cbf.net.

Be passionate and enthusiastic as you ASK for gifts to the Offering during worship.

Make sure church members know how and where to send their offerings. Make use of offering envelopes that are available to order. Download and use OGM worship resources including responsive readings, videos and PowerPoint slides during services.

Invitation to pray

Invite your church members to pray for the Offering for Global Missions and for the work of field personnel. During the week of March 12-17, 2023, CBF will be hosting the weeks of prayer for the Offering for Global Missions. A prayer experience using an available map with locations of field personnel has been created to enhance the experience of connecting with and praying for CBF field personnel.

Celebrate the results of your Offering!

Your gifts are helping support long-term impact through the long-term presence of CBF field personnel! Create a graphic or use the one available in the OGM resources to recognize and celebrate your church’s progress.