Lottie Lewis with some of the bicycles CBFSC  donated to her work at Emma’s House in Allendale. We also donated some bikes to Denmark Cares.

By Lane Riley
Associate Coordinator

My Christmas and New Year’s was a little different this year, as I’m sure it was for many of you. I saw more family on Facetime on Christmas than I did in person. What I especially missed was watching my three-year-old niece open her Christmas gifts.

This year, she got a bike and helmet. I watched on my phone Christmas morning as she rode her new bike in her house (it was too cold to go outside!). I laughed as she got more excited because she was more interested in looking at me in the phone than where she was going.

Bikes are something that can bring children joy, and children need more laughter and joy especially this year. This Christmas, CBFSC helped supply 10 bicycles for children in Allendale with our long-standing partner Lottie Lewis and her organization, Emma’s house.

We also supported two children in Denmark with our new mission partner, Denmark Cares. Both Emma’s House and Denmark Cares had to celebrate Christmas in their community differently this year. But CBFSC is so honored to be able to support these organizations, because there is something so special about watching the joy in a child’s face as they ride their new bike for the first time.