$3,000 Project Grant Recipient




Denmark Cares is a non-profit organization with mission and vision to identify the most critical needs and the resources to fill those needs around Denmark, a small town in Bamburg County, SC.

Denmark Cares’ top priorities are youth engagement opportunities and services to unify the community. We are committed to designing programs and services that address gaps in areas such as hunger, academic deficiencies, self-esteem and empowerment. Serving a community that has limited sources, we seek to partner with churches, groups and individuals who have like-minded spirits and vision for success within our community.

We seek to establish pride and strength within a community that is rural and low income. We have established a Facebook page that has almost 500 members called City of Denmark—Good News and Pride. This page is used as announcement medium in addition to sharing all the good news and pride of our community.

This good news includes announcements about youth and citizens’ achievements and recognition, church and school announcements. The programs that are designed always include food, a motivational speaker or activity and/or prayer and devotion.

We have provided drop-ins of cheer for young students who grieved the loss of a classmate, provided flowers and printing services for bereaved families short of funds for services. We also assisted a ministry with donations for bicycles for families in need for Christmas.

We were founded on the principle of community pride and encouragement despite the deficiencies. Each program or event is designed and supported with individuals who believe in Christ and operate in the spirit of love and compassion for all.

As we are an organization that is less than one year old, our priority this year is to increase opportunities for youth engagement and events to foster unity and community pride.

Our ministry has been providing these opportunities to launch our organization and re-engage citizens with working together. We have launched programs and partnered with others to work towards these goals. 

Denmark Cares is now a part of CBF Global’s Together for Hope coalition that works with poor rural communities in the areas of education, health & nutrition, housing & environment, and social enterprise.


The CBFSC grant of $3,000 is 80% of our 2020 budget.

As a new organization, we are still seeking funding sources and partners to secure grants that would allow us to grow and scale our work.

With this funding, we would be able to expand the recreation program during the winter to offer basketball, meals and academic services to youth ages 5-12.

We would also use this grant to implement at least one program to support the elderly in our community.

Key Goals for 2020

Youth engagement programs will serve at least 150 children ages 5-18.

We will partner with 5 church ministries, organizations or individuals to execute a program or event to serve critical area needs of citizens.

We will identify and seek funding opportunities to expand its mission and programs for the citizens of Denmark.

Submit an application and obtain 501c3 status. (Accomplished.)



Denmark Cares
Letitia Dowling
91 Wisteria Street
Denmark, SC 29042
(803) 780-0323

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CBFSC can help us with more than money

We would love the support of CBFSC congregations to help us grow and serve more citizens.

We would love to participate, engage in and offer workshops in education, community development, etc. If available, we would love the support of volunteers to assist with events and services.

Most importantly, we sincerely need all prayers and intercessors uplifting our work to be a success in our community and fulfill God’s purpose and plan. 

Our board of directors

Our organization has a leadership team and Board of Directors. The leadership team is responsible for setting strategic goals and a plan for meeting goals.

The Board of Directors is charged with approving the plan, supervision of leadership team to ensure goals are met and approving expenses. The Board of Directors has a quarterly meeting and the director has a bi-monthly check in with the board chair.

A director’s update of activities and expenses is provided to board of directors bi-monthly with an overall review during the quarterly meeting.

Other funding

To sustain the work of the organization, we will continue with in kind services, materials and space to provide services to the community.

We have identified other funding sources that we will pursue in 2020 for sustainability.

The board of directors is also committed to donations, services and fundraising to ensure that goals are met. 

Donate Today or Get Involved

If you and/or your church can volunteer, contact Letitia Dowling.


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