Denmark Cares is a new nonprofit in Bamberg County, and is one of CBFSC’s mission partners. It is also a new partner with Together for Hope, CBF’s rural development coalition.

Denmark is a rural town in Bamberg County with a population of a little more than 3,000 residents.

Denmark Cares is committed to improvement and development of its community through positive relationships and partnerships.

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Building bridges for equality 

By Lane Riley, CBFSC Associate Coordinator

Denmark Cares and Bamberg First Baptist hosted a conversation in June called Building Bridges for Equality for residents of Bamberg County.

This event was purposely planned to be racially diverse and ecumenical; and was attended by members of different churches, the police department, elected officials, and community leaders in Bamberg County.

Letitia Dowling, the founder and Executive Director of Denmark Cares, and Brad Hudson, the Minister of Children and Youth at First Baptist Church in Bamberg organized and facilitated the event.

The purpose was to start conversations by discussing racism and equality.

Brad and Letitia recognized that the county has struggled to work together based upon geography, race and socioeconomics.

This conversation was the first of a series to improve relations in Bamberg County for economic and educational progress. By the end of the series, they hope to establish new diverse working relationships and partnerships across the county to utilize the assets to better serve communities.

The event started with a privilege walk, where participants were able to take a step forward or backward on different situations regarding privilege as a visual representation on how white people have privilege. Some of the questions were:

  • If you were ever passed on a job or promotion because of your race, ethnicity, or gender
  • If you inherited property or money from your family
  • If you attended private school or summer camp growing up

Participants were to submit questions to a panel that included CBFSC Coordinator Jay Kieve; Rockell Ashley, an independent consultant; and Jon Jamison, the Serve Team Leader for the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

Each of the panelists shared their expertise with working in communities to bridge the divide between races; and then  addressed topics such as equality with hiring practices, diversifying church congregations, and pathways to racial equality.

There will be another conversation in July to continue these conversations.