By Emily Berry
Summer Intern
First Baptist Church, Aiken

I have known Sarah Laurence, our Minister of Youth and Pastoral Care, since my first year in the youth group at FBC Aiken when I was an annoying little 6th grader. I immediately thought she was just the coolest!

My internship with her this summer has opened all sorts of doors for me. It prompted me to be more involved in worship, taking on more responsibilities such as being involved in staff meetings, learning how worship is planned, and building great connections with our staff and the kids.

There were so many firsts I experienced.

  • I did my first children’s message.
  • I wrote and read my first invocation prayer for a call to worship
  • I led my first Bible study at Unidiversity and was in charge of getting our kids to said summer camp in one piece!

While at Unidiversity, I was introduced to a new perspective since I was now an adult at camp.Many things felt the same as they did when I was a camper but as an adult, these new responsibilities made camp more  stressful. Some mornings it was difficult to get up because Sarah and I were running around the night before getting things situated for the next day or running to the store late at night for supplies.

But all around, that week was so rewarding. I had the opportunity to help Sarah prepare for Unidiversity, and I saw all the behind-the-scenes work that youth don’t necessarily realize goes on. I know that when I was in the youth group, I was completely oblivious to what went on behind the scenes, but now I understand how difficult and stressful it can sometimes be.

I am amazed by how Sarah does it so well,. She has been great to work with, and I am always learning new things with her. Whether it’s ministry related or just about life in general, she always knows how to make me laugh and have a good time! I have loved reconnecting and forming relationships with our church staff this summer.

I’ve had so much fun with the different activities I had the joy of helping with, whether it was painting the house with Mission: HERE, helping with VBS, staying up all night with the youth for our Lock-In, leading the Big Games fun day, or screaming my head off at Carowinds with the youth.

I have learned so much in these two short months. I am already itching for it to be summer again so I can continue learning and doing what I can to help at Aiken’s First Baptist Church!

Emily Berry