By Megan Turner-Doud
Minister of Students and Missions
First Baptist Church, Aiken

At First Baptist Church, Aiken, we felt it was imperative to celebrate the achievements of our graduating high school seniors despite the restrictions brought about by the coronavirus.

We decided to celebrate with our seniors by placing yard signs in their front yards. The signs said, “Aiken’s First Baptist Church Congratulates (name) Class of 2020,” and included their school logo.

As I was putting the signs in their yards, I was able to reflect on the student. I thought about the precious memories we shared together, I began to grieve the memories we will be missing this summer. And I prayed for them as they navigate this tumultuous time they are experiencing.

The students were excited when they went out to see their sign and sent me pictures. But their parents were even more excited about the signs. At a couple of the houses I drove to, a parent was outside, and it brought tears to their eyes. Which then brought tears to mine. Because not only are the students missing out on the end of their senior year, their parents were feeling the same emotions.

The Facebook posts, texts, and calls of appreciation of our ministry at FBC was affirmed and the love and value we have for our students showed. I was glad to help add a little piece of encouragement and love during this unforeseen time.