Jay Kieve

By Jay Kieve
Coordinator, CBFSC

In this unusual moment of ministry, I’m very grateful for you and your churches.

I’m privileged to speak daily with ministers and hear their hearts to serve their people. I have a front row seat to the heroic efforts of clergy to remain connected to you through streaming worship, Zoom meetings, and phone calls.

The heavy burdens of quarantine and isolation, of uncertainty and precarious health are made lighter by the ministry of churches and clergy, faithful lay servants. Thank you.

As we journey through these next few weeks, CBFSC is committed to supporting your church in whatever ways we can. We are prayerful for you. While you are attentive to ministry in your immediate context, we pledge to look, to the extent we can, across the Fellowship’s horizon for trends, ideas, relationships, and resources that might serve you well.

And, even though we are committed to physical distancing, we want to help you discover and engage meaningful ministry in your communities.

Remember that CBFSC offers missions grants that churches can use to initiate or grow service in your community.

We seek to help you find new ways to bless and minister that might seem novel now but bear fruit in weeks or months to come. Since this moment calls for flexibility, innovation, and new ways to collaborate please consider us your lab partners in whatever holy experiment you are called into.