She planned to be a doctor helping people in far away places; now she’s trying to begin a ministry career amid a pandemic

By Lucy Cauthen
Minister of Youth and Missions
Boulevard Baptist Church, Anderson

I was born and reared in Monroe, Georgia. First Baptist Church Monroe, GA is not only my home church but the church that dedicated me as a baby, where I proclaimed my decision to follow Christ and was baptized, where I first served in ministry and started discerning my call, where I was married, and the church that ordained me for ministry. I would not be the woman or minister I am today without the love and dedication of my home church.

After I graduated high school, I moved to Macon, Georgia, to attend Mercer University. My future seemed clear. I was going to become a doctor in order to use my skills in countries that were in desperate need of medical care. After one summer split between serving in a medical clinic in Peru and the other half serving as an intern for my home church, I started to discern a passion and giftedness for one over the other. I was a senior in college before I first visited a seminary. Could a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major even apply to seminary?

Any doubt or questions I had left were completely wiped away after I attended Truett Seminary’s preview weekend. My years studying at Truett were essential in preparing me for ministry. More than just book knowledge, I gained mentors, friends in ministry, and learned more about myself as a minister.

Now, I serve as the Minister of Youth and Missions at Boulevard Baptist Church in Anderson, SC. I was called to this position roughly six months before Covid-19 became widespread in the United States, completely changing our ministry. Instead of camp, my summer has been full of zoom meetings, socially distanced games outside, and discerning how to best serve our community during this season.

This global pandemic is a clear example of why the CBF Fellows program is needed. As ministers, we are continually facing new and changing circumstances in which we are called to serve.

The CBF Fellows program builds upon the foundation we already have, empowering us to better handle whatever may come our way. I am honored and excited to be selected as a CBF Fellow for the cohort 2020-2022.

Starting out as a young female minister, I am thankful to be a partner with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and specifically with CBFSC. Even though I am a new resident of South Carolina, I have already been embraced by CBFSC. In fact, I am currently serving on the Coordinating Council and Missions Team. CBF is where I know I will continue to be equipped, fully affirmed, and have a home as I continue to serve in ministry.

Lucy Cauthen is one of 16 CBF Fellows named for 2020-2022. Lucy holds a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from Mercer University (B.S) along with a degree in divinity from Baylor University (M.Div.).

The CBF Fellows  program assists young Baptists clergy who are in their “first-call” in making a healthy transition from seminary to congregational ministry.

The 2020-2022 cohort is the fifth group of ministers named as CBF Fellows, bringing the total number of Fellows to 98. They represent a variety of CBF congregations, nine CBF states and regions, and 10 seminaries and divinity schools.