We would love the support of CBFSC congregations to help us grow and serve more citizens.

We would love to participate, engage in and offer workshops in education, community development, etc. If available, we would love the support of volunteers to assist with events and services.

Most importantly, we sincerely need all prayers and intercessors uplifting our work to be a success in our community and fulfill God's purpose and plan.


Our board of directors

Our organization has a leadership team and Board of Directors. The leadership team is responsible for setting strategic goals and a plan for meeting goals. The Board of Directors is charged with approving the plan, supervision of leadership team to ensure goals are met and approving expenses. The Board of Directors has a quarterly meeting and the director has a bi-monthly check in with the board chair. A director's update of activities and expenses is provided to board of directors bi-monthly with an overall review during the quarterly meeting.

Other funding

To sustain the work of the organization, we will continue with in kind services, materials and space to provide services to the community. We have identified other funding sources that we will pursue in 2020 for sustainability. The board of directors are also committed to donations, services and fundraising to ensure that goals are met.