The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina achieves its mission commitments through innovative long-term partnerships, collaborative annual missions grants, and equipping the local church. Learn more about these below. 




Innovative, Long-Term Partnerships


CBFSC forms long-term covenant relationships with individuals, churches, and organizations whose mission identity and philosophy mirrors ours. We currently have two long-term covenants. 



If you are interested in loa ng-term partnership with us we encourage you to look at the collaborative grants below as the first entry point. 




Collaborative, Annual Missions Grants


The partnership grants, up to $3,000, are designed to help CBFSC connect with mission agencies around the state. These grants are intended to help further enhance the ministries of these agencies whose mission practice is in line with the mission commitments CBFSC to cultivate beloved community, bear witness to Jesus Christ, and seek transformational development. Grants are renewable for one extra year.


Requirements for the partnership grants are as follows:


  • You must be an established organization with a leadership team, board of directors, or other leadership structure that meets regularly to guide the ministry and provide financial accountability.

  • Use funds to further a ministry that compliments at least one of CBFSC’s commitments to cultivate beloved community, bear witness to Jesus Christ, and seek transformational development.

  • 501c3 Status preferred but not necessary

  • Complete an annual partnership update

  • Work within the state of South Carolina

  • Be willing to allow CBFSC to use your organization’s name and ministry in promotional resources These grants are awarded once a year.


Grantees will be notified in February and invited to attend our General Assembly if available. To apply you must use this online form




Equipping the Local Church – Project Grants


These grants, normally between $500-1500, are awarded to CBFSC partner congregations to help realize a local missions project, event, or to start a new congregational missions initiative. You can use our online form to fill out your application.



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