By Jeff Huett

CBF field personnel Nell Green, who served with her husband, Butch, for 27 years in Africa, Europe and in the U.S. before he retired last year, is now focusing her field personnel service as CBF’s Offering for Global Missions Advocate.

After field service with CBF in Miami, Brussels and Houston, Green is working to help facilitate a culture where mission flourishes by engaging with field personnel, CBF fund development and identity and communications teams, ministry partners, and churches to strengthen the Offering for Global Missions for a new generation of Fellowship Baptists.

Green said that this new role uses her gifts and passions and her network built through decades of field personnel service to help build support for the Offering for Global Missions.

“As we fund the long-term presence of field personnel around the world, everyone is able to invest in not just transformative work but relational connections and mutual friendship,” she said. “It has been my privilege for the last 27 years to witness the amazing work and collaborative partnerships of our field personnel. This new role allows me to use my networks and passion for marketing and promotion to benefit all of our field ministries. I am grateful for this opportunity to undergird their endeavors by telling their stories, resourcing churches, organizations and individuals, and working to strengthen the Offering for Global Missions.”

Steven Porter, CBF’s Coordinator for Global Missions, said Green has the right gifts to thrive in this role and encourages congregations to help spread the love of Christ through support of the Offering for Global Missions.

“As one of our early commissioned Field Personnel, Nell’s creativity, tenacity and commitment are contagious, and she knows firsthand the impact of the Offering for Global Missions,” Porter said. “Please open the doors of your congregation—be they physical or virtual—to Nell that the Holy Spirit might use her to ignite the passion of a new generation of Cooperative Baptists to support God’s mission in the world.  During this pandemic, gifts to the Offering have never been more significant or more strained. If you believe the world still needs the good news of Jesus Christ, then please make a sacrificial gift to OGM to advance the gospel today.”

Nell Green | CBF Field Personnel, Offering for Global Missions Advocate

Nell and Butch Green have two grown children, Christen Kinard and Brandon Green, and two grandchildren, Ava (7) and Jack (3). They live in Rock Hill and are members at Oakland Baptist Church.