Top photo: Youth from The Baptist Church of Beaufort enjoy eating with new friends at Passport.

Above: Students help paint a house during Passport Missions.

by Lane Riley
Associate Coordinator

I was a Passport Camp chaperone with my church this summer, and was able to watch youth from several states come together for a week of learning, growing, and having fun. After so many youth camps and other traditions were cancelled last year, it was good to see these students having a summer camp experience again.

Passport did an excellent job in making sure the participants stayed safe and had fun. For some of the youth, it was their very first trip as part of a youth group.

For others, it was the last youth trip they would take before starting college or a career. It was great to be with the youth and all the other chaperones for a week, and to watch as the students were encouraged to ask questions, explore their faith, and connect with one another.

Over the past few weeks, my Facebook time-line has been filled with pictures of students going to camp, people volunteering together, and churches hosting Vacation Bible School. Each church does its best to make sure all the participants stay safe, and ensures that everyone has a good experience.

I’m cautiously optimistic that the youth in churches are resuming some of these traditional activities after more than a year of isolation and fear. These students are healing from the trauma, and the church is one of the places helping this process.

Thank you to all CBFSC churches, partner organizations, ministers, and volunteers that have tirelessly and patiently provided virtual and in-person experiences for children and youth this summer.