By Lane Riley
CBFSC Associate Coordinator

Right down the hall from me at First Baptist Church in Greenwood, Cheerful Cherubs preschool just reopened. I can now hear children playing, learning, exploring, and making friends.

Students in one class recently all got little toy cars, and raced them down the hallway right past my office. After months of silence and darkness, I love seeing the lights on in the hallway, seeing the classrooms filled with children and teachers, and hearing laughter (and sometimes crying!).

In January, CBFSC held a meeting for preschool and daycare directors, where we discussed different issues relevant to this ministry for our youngest students.

I didn’t know how important this group would be because just a few months later, these directors were having conversations about how or if to close their doors.

While most of the daycares and preschools closed in March, a few remained opened, and these directors were able to provide valuable advice and recommendations as others have reopened, and some decided to stay closed.

The daycare and preschool directors can now share different policies and examples of communication, and have regular virtual calls to check in.

Being in community with CBFSC isn’t just for churches on Wednesdays and Sundays.


Being in community means building relationships with people all across the state, and sharing resources. 


It means texts and phone calls to people that have experience in the same type of ministry to check in and ask for advice.


It means being disappointed together when doors remained closed, and celebrating together when our doors can finally reopen.


a group of people banded together or treated as a group.