By Beth McConnell
Chair, CBFSC Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with bringing balance to the CBFSC Coordinating Council as it fills vacant spots each year. We have done the majority of our work for 2020-2021.

We had the privilege of talking with many CBF friends across the state and have received positive, thoughtful responses. Some have felt this is not the right time for them to serve, but without exception everyone has been pleased when asked.

As the Nominating Committee, we are aware of how much support and goodwill exists across the state. We have experienced it. We have even been blessed with individuals contacting us and volunteering to serve.

One of our goals is to include as many participating churches as possible, plus be very attentive to a balance between clergy, laity, male, and female. We also seek representation from our Mission Partners.

The end result of our work is a wonderful group of dedicated supporters coming together to do the work of CBFSC for another year.

Beth McConnell addresses the Coordinating Council about the work of the Nominating Committee.


Beth McConnell, pastor of Kathwood Baptist Church in Columbia, reports about the Nominating Committee’s work to the Coordinating Council.