Trinity immediately became hub for utility crews, food supply and other critical needs after tornado

Church bells still ring at Trinity.

By Tony Vincent
Associate Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church, Seneca

At 3:30 am Monday, April 13, an EF3 tornado hit downtown Seneca, in the area immediately around Trinity.

There was substantial devastation of property but thankfully only one person was killed and very few were injured.

Since then, this community has been blessed with work and love from within and without.  Many of the neighborhoods around our church will be recovering for months, if not years.  

We covet your prayers as we discern how to best support our community. Pray especially for some of our most struggling neighborhoods who were hit hard by this storm.

Golf carts are about to head out with biscuits and ice. Flag them down or stop by Trinity on the 5th Street side for food, paper products, or anything else we have that you need!

From Trinity’s Facebook page, April 18, just one example about how Trinity members are taking care of the community after the tornado and amid Covid-19.