This year’s Super Bowl between San Francisco and Kansas City is February 11. And, of course, it is also the day that has spurned the The Souper Bowl of Caring national movement that encourages people to donate food and money to local charities that serve the hungry and the poor.

It is a way of expressing our Christian faith through compassion and generosity, and following the example of Jesus who fed the multitudes and cared for the needy.

Many of our churches have participated in the Souper Bowl of Caring for years. In case your church hasn’t or you want to change it up a bit here are some suggestions:

  • Host a soup lunch or chili cook-off and ask attendees to bring canned goods or make a donation.
  • Encourage a friendly competition among age groups, ministries, or congregations to see who can collect the most food or money.
  • Hold a Super Bowl watch party and pass the soup pot or helmet to collect donations from the guests.
  • Make homemade soup with donated ingredients and deliver it to a nearby shelter or soup kitchen.
  • Ask local businesses to match your collection efforts or sponsor your event.
  • Or just have someone standing at the door taking a special offering.

You can find more ideas and resources on the Tackle Hunger website and just by doing a general web search.