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1314 Lincoln Street, Suite 308 Columbia, SC 29201 

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P.O. Box 11159 Columbia, SC 29211

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Prayers for the People

CBF’s yearlong prayer guide invites you to seasons of prayer following the rhythm of the church calendar. Join other Fellowship Baptists in prayer, seeking God’s guidance while learning about CBF field personnel, chaplains and church starters.



Speaker Resources

CBFSC affirms both women and men in ministry. Contact us for recommendations for  invdividuals who can preach, teach, lead workshops/retreats, share about missions or speak on a topic of interest to your congregation.



Senior Adult Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker for your Senior Citizens monthly lunch meeting? R. D. Roberts, long time Columbia area music minister and music merchant has written two historical fiction novels in his retirement. He is available to speak to senior groups at any church in the state. Book signings are also available following the speaking engagement.

The first novel, “Walnut Grove” is set in Oklahoma between 1895 and 1947 with a flash-back to the “Trail of Tears.” It is a story of a family living in northeastern Oklahoma during the oil boom days. Although it is a love story, it also deals with the treatment of those who are different from us.

“Miss Sarah” is the story of a lady who was born of missionary parents in China who were forced out when the Japanese invaded the country in 1939. Coming to America to live, she was not prepared for the racial prejudice she found. It is an intriguing story that is especially poignant for those who remember the days of “separate but equal.” Both books are written from a Christian prospective.

Recent speaking engagements include St. Andrews Baptist, Columbia; First Baptist Irmo; Abbeville First Baptist Church; Greenlawn Baptist, Columbia; Kelleytown Baptist, Hartsville; First Baptist, Columbia; and Kathwood Baptist, Columbia.

Roberts may be reached at his home in Columbia at (803) 787-2591 or via email:

R. D. Roberts
1830 Glenwood Road
Columbia, SC 29204
(803) 787-2591



Baptist Principles curriculum

Baptist Principles Study Guide

Baptist Principles

Resources on Baptist Principles



The Baptist History and Heritage Society released A How-to Kit for Your Church’s History.

The key item is a detailed, 120-page How-to Manual for Your Church’s History:
A collection of suggestions for creating and maintaining a program of history in your church.
Chapters focus on developing an efficient church history committee; celebrating the church anniversary; researching, writing, and publishing church history; locating and preserving church records; displaying, exhibiting and communicating church history; and dramatizing and photographing church history.

The kit also contains:

  • a resource catalog
  • list of Baptist history programs and collections
  • description of the society’s Web site
  • sample pamphlets
  • issue of the society’s newsletter
  • a society membership brochure
  • a book publishing program flyer
  • and an order form for Baptist heritage videotapes.

For price and ordering information, call 800-966-2278 or email



Looking for a place to retreat with your church group? Here is a SC Retreat Centers List to help you plan. This is provided as a resource for churches and individuals.  The retreat centers listed are independent from CBFSC and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of, or endorsement by, CBFSC or its members.