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Marion d. Aldridge Scholarship Fund

Marion d. Aldridge Scholarship Fund

The Leadership Development committee of CBFSC is charged in part with providing scholarship assistance to students engaged in theological education. Awards are available to part-time and full-time students, in Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry programs.

We encourage all interested students to apply. Awards are based on several criteria, including affiliation with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and its partnering churches.

The annual deadline for applying for scholarships is April 15. Awards are made each semester, but there is now only one annual application.

Download an application: First Time Scholarship Application or Previous Recipient Scholarship Application

Contact the CBFSC office at (803) 779-1888 if you have any questions.

Flood Buckets

Flood Buckets

Our Disaster Response Team wants to be proactive in preparing for natural disasters, especially those caused by water. Wayne Patterson, member of FBC Pendleton and Coordinator of our Disaster Response, suggests that churches or individuals prepare a few Flood Buckets to have on hand. Then, when disaster strikes, all CBFSC would need to do is gather them and get them to the site where they are needed. No waiting for anyone to go out and buy the supplies.

For this project to be successful, the buckets should contain specific supplies. Download a PDF file showing exactly what these buckets should contain.

Contact Wayne if you have questions.

Baptist Women in Ministry

Baptist Women in Ministry

Baptist Women in Ministry SC is a network of Baptist Women and those who support and encourage Baptist Women in Ministry in South Carolina.

Contact South Carolina BWIM at bwimsc@gmail.com.

Protecting Children and Youth from Abuse

Protecting Children and Youth from Abuse

Every church should be a safe place for children to grow in faith. CBFSC can help your church learn to be safe and care well for children. Contact Jay for more information and visit GRACE or Darkness to Light for training opportunities for your congregation.

Retirement Planning, Disability Insurance, and Life Insurance for Clergy

Retirement Planning, Disability Insurance, and Life Insurance for Clergy

The CBF Church Benefits Board provides retirement planning and investing options for church staff, as well as term life insurance and long-term disability insurance. Protect your minister and your church with high quality benefits from CBF Church Benefits.

Church Endowments and Estate Planning

Church Endowments and Estate Planning

Provide financial security to your church’s ministry through endowed funds and legacy giving. The CBF Foundation provides high quality endowment options for churches and individuals along with estate planning advice and tools. 



Learn how your church can lend its voice on issues that affect your community, our state, and nation. Visit CBFSC partners South Carolina Christian Action Council and CBF Advocacy to explore current initiatives and opportunities for public witness.

Youth and Children’s Camps

Youth and Children’s Camps

CBFSC partners with dedicated child/youth serving organizations to offer exceptional summer church camps. Visit Passport Camps, Inc. or Unidiversity for more information. Contact Lane Riley for more information about opportunities for young baptists.

Growing Young Cohorts

Growing Young Cohorts

Churches across the country are both shrinking and aging as more young people disengage. However, there are scores of congregations that are bucking this trend and developing cultures that welcome, empower, and engage teenagers and young adults. Explore.

Church Consulting

Church Consulting

CBFSC maintains partnerships and friendships with several organizations dedicated to providing specialized services to congregations. For assistance with adaptive leadership training, clergy coaching, vision casting and long-range planning, or conflict resolution visit:

Pinnacle Leadership Associates

The Center for Healthy Churches

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